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Guidelines to download

You will find below an alphabetical list of all definitive sentencing guidelines. You can download the Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines here.

If you would like copies of archived guidelines please contact us. For instructions on how to upload guidelines to your mobile device, please click here.

Title Sub-title Description
Allocation [PDF 0.13mb] Applies to all defendants in the magistrates' courts (including youths jointly charged with adults) whose cases are dealt with on or after 11 June 2012. Extract from Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines.
Anti-Social Behaviour Order [PDF 0.33mb] Breach Deals with offenders who have breached an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO). This guideline applies to the sentencing of adult and young offenders.
Assault [PDF 0.22mb] Definitive guideline on assault offences effective from 13 June 2011.
Assaults on Children and Cruelty to a Child [PDF 0.28mb] Overarching Principles Part 1 includes principles relevant to sentencing in cases involving assaults on children. Part 2 provides guidance in relation to the offence of cruelty to a child.
Attempted Murder [PDF 0.15mb] Relates to the single offence of attempted murder.
Bail [PDF 0.69mb] Failure to surrender Assists sentencers when sentencing offenders who have failed to surrender to bail.
Burglary offences [PDF 0.15mb] Definitive guideline on burglary offences effective from 16 January 2012.
Corporate Manslaughter and Health and Safety Offences Causing Death [PDF 0.21mb] Relates to sentencing organisations (rather than individuals) for the offences of corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences causing death.
Dangerous dog offences [PDF 0.15mb] Definitive guideline on dangerous dog offences effective from 20 August 2012.
Death by Driving [PDF 0.36mb] (Causing) Covers four offences.
Domestic Violence [PDF 0.07mb] Overarching Principles Identifies principles relevant to offences committed in a domestic context.
Drug offences [PDF 0.23mb] Definitive guideline on drug offences effective from 27 February 2012. Corrected version - 6 March 2012.
Environmental offences [PDF 0.19mb] Definitive guideline on environmental offences effective from 1 July 2014.
Fraud, bribery and money laundering offences [PDF 0.33mb] Definitive guideline on fraud, bribery and money laundering offences effective from 1 October 2014.
Guilty Plea [PDF 0.09mb] Reduction in Sentence Provides guidance to sentencers on the reduction in sentence for a guilty plea.
Health and Safety Offences Causing Death [PDF 0.21mb] See Corporate Manslaughter.
Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines [PDF 2.25mb] Updated on 1 October 2014 to include Update 12. Covers most of the offences that regularly come before a magistrates’ court which require decisions on allocation or sentence. Also contains general explanatory material.
  • Knife crime [PDF 0.02mb] - Additional notes on knife crime were issued by the SGC and came into effect in August 2008.
Manslaughter by Reason of Provocation [PDF 0.08mb] Relates to the sentencing of an offender for the offence of manslaughter by reason of provocation.
New Sentences: Criminal Justice Act 2003 [PDF 0.10mb] Relates to aspects of the sentencing framework introduced by the Criminal Justice Act 2003.
Protective Order [PDF 0.07mb] Breach Deals with sentencing offenders who have breached either a restraining order or a non-molestation order.
Robbery [PDF 0.11mb] Part 1 covers three types of robbery. The guideline covers the sentencing of adult and young offenders. For other types of robbery, the relevant Court of Appeal guidance should be applied, which is summarised in Part 2.
Seriousness [PDF 0.07mb] Overarching Principles When determining the appropriate sentence the sentencer must consider the seriousness of the offence. This guideline assists the courts in the determination of seriousness.
Sexual offences [PDF 0.76mb] Definitive guideline on sexual offences effective from 1 April 2014.
Sexual offences – offenders under 18 [PDF 0.02mb] Approach to sentencing under 18 offenders.
Theft and Burglary in a Building other than a Dwelling [PDF 0.15mb] Covers four forms of theft. The sentencing guidelines in this document on burglary in a building other than a dwelling are no longer effective; sentencing guidelines for this offence are now contained in 'Burglary offences' effective from 16 January 2012.
Totality and TICs [PDF 0.11mb] (Offences Taken Into Consideration) Definitive guideline on offences taken into consideration and totality effective from 11 June 2012.
Youth Sentencing [PDF 0.27mb] Overarching Principles Sets out the principles applicable when sentencing young offenders. For sentencing SEXUAL OFFENCES, offenders under 18 SEE ABOVE.